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Yes, you’ve found BS.Show    Guaranteed to be 100% BS!


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Why is this Guy so Happy?

He won the coveted “First Listener” award for being the first listener to the very first BS.Show broadcast on July 1st, 2019.  

We have an award for our second listener but we don’t have one yet.

“You have a choice of dozens of shows. Why would you listen to this BS?”

“When I’m feeling really brain dead I listen to BS.Show.   It actually makes me feel smarter than these two doofs”

Diane Jones

Happy Listeners!

Andy Hildebrand

“If it wasn’t free to listen I would definitely ask for a refund ”

Carl Correa

“When I started to listen to Brad and Shelley I was a blonde.  Look at me now!”

Leonie Vega

Your Questions, Our Answers

Just some of the many questions that we get almost daily.  (Click on the Question to get the Answer).


In most states.  But you may need to show a photo ID before each listening session

Three!  And one of them is KRAP.  What does that tell you?

YES!  But you have to fill out your application on our official request form.  Currently our official request form is a $100 bill.  Just write your contact info on the back and send it to us.  We’ll get back to you…in 2029.

want to
talk with us?

Are you sure?   Really Sure?   Then leave us a messge.

Life Insurance

Yes, this show has nothing to do with Life Insurance.

Home Insurance

Nope. This show has nothing to do with Home Insurance.

Car Insurance

We like cars. And we can insure you that if you listen to BS.Show in your car it will get 32% better gas mileage.

Pet Insurance

Shelley loves pets. And Brad doesn't. But neither of them can sell you pet insurance. .